How gradar Works For Any Organization Looking to Achieve 360°, Failproof Job Evaluation

How can one job evaluation system possibly work for any organization? It’s a question we get asked a lot here at gradar. After all, each company has its own unique culture, goals and complex moving parts. So, is it really possible that every company - regardless of size, industry or location - can use gradar? The easy answer is: yes! Designed for companies big and small and in every niche, gradar puts highly objective, systematic processes at the heart of HR. From creating effective remuneration strategies to establishing requirement-based job evaluation, gradar allows you to take ownership of your HR processes with an intuitive interface and easy functionality. Let’s take a look at how it really is that simple.


gradar Works For Every Job 

With gradar’s job evaluation system, plenty of criteria are incorporated to fully capture major elements of each and every role. No matter the industry, the catalog of evaluation factors was developed to provide a 360° evaluation of a job’s requirements as a structural unit of an organization. 

The factor-based approach provides a way to differentiate not only between semi-skilled, skilled, and expert positions but also allows for a clear differentiation between entry-, career-, and expert levels. Since the grades are equivalent across the gradar job families and careers, it also supports horizontal development on the same level. 

Not only does gradar job evaluation cover the classic aspects of input, throughput and output, but it also takes into consideration a role’s connectedness to others and interpersonal requirements. Getting rid of guesswork, gradar gives reliable job evaluation that works as a solid framework for performance management and development strategies. 

The System Needs Minimal Governance & Maintenance 

Don’t have a large HR or tech team? Not a problem! As a cloud based SAAS product, the maintenance of the software and databases is totally taken care of by gradar. Any changes to organization specific variables can easily be made via imports or in an intuitive web-interface.

After a simple set-up, gradar saves HR professionals serious time whilst ensuring that all job-related data is kept in one place. Even better, there are multiple options to connect to HRIS via API for total HR fluidity. 

Gradar Ensures Uniformity 

Vitally, gradar ensures that the same job will always have the same job grade - even across the largest global organizations. The system’s strict logic ensures that the same selection of requirement levels always provides the same grading result. 

This means that the geographic location of a job has zero impact on grading results. As, of course, a job’s location may impact remuneration, gradar has a separate function where grading results can be aligned with external salary surveys. This makes sure that pay is competitive with market rates whilst grades stay uniform. 

Equally, job evaluation results are consistent yet scalable. Whilst gradar does not use explicit company sizing factors to evaluate non C-level executives, scale is taken into account in other ways. By assessing organizational and functional responsibility, the complexity of processes and leadership span, the size of a company is reflected in results.

It’s Easy to Understand & Explain 

When we were building gradar, we knew it needed to be simple, transparent, and concrete. That’s why the factors and requirement levels each come with a qualitative definition, written in natural language, that helps facilitate communication of grading results to non-experts.

Vitally, this means that managers can openly explain how the job evaluation system works and why a certain role is graded ‘x’. This creates a culture of transparency that aids recruitment and retention. 

Results can be exported as single job-profiles, comprehensive lists and as a matrix to aid result presentation. Taking things a step further, the exports can also be configured to meet the specific audience and purpose of a presentation. 

It’s Highly Objective

At the heart of the gradar system is objectivity. Data-driven processes ensure that the system meets ongoing legal requirements for pay equity, meaning it stands up in court to defend against an equal pay claim. Free from bias, gradar is designed to eradicate pay discrimination across all industries. 

Reflecting this, gradar removes the ability to evaluate a job solely by its title. This gets rid of arbitrary job grading, meaning the result is always a true reflection of the role’s requirements and function. Equally, the system can’t be gamed to change to a higher grade and manipulative entries with intent are barred from the system.

The Price is Accessible For All 

Finally, gradar is affordable for all. From the Basic Edition all the way up to the enhanced feature-packed Enterprise Edition, there is a version of gradar to suit any budget.

An alternative to extortionate consulting companies, gradar is a complete, comprehensive job evaluation solution that allows even the smallest and youngest organizations to take control of their HR processes. Consistent job evaluation, equitable pay, and improved retention? With gradar, it’s for everyone.

Sounds like something that could work for your organization? Get in touch with our team today!