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gradar makes compensation benchmarking and structuring easy with high-quality salary survey data built into your account and ready to go! Evaluate your jobs in the system, then we’ll automatically compile results from your chosen data sets and our partners’ benchmark data. Setting salaries has never been so simple.

  • Get access to global compensation surveys at a fair price
  • Easily perform salary comparisons against market rates
  • Have the option to source and upload your own data
  • Participate automatically in vendor surveys without hassle

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Why have we included the option for market data?

We built gradar to be the comprehensive source of data for all the job-related information in your business - and our software allows you to establish fair and transparent pay structures under one roof in one consolidated system.

Compensation benchmarking and structuring is a huge part of that - but sourcing good-quality market data has become increasingly complex, time-consuming and expensive. Until now…

With our built-in market data, organisations finally have the option to get relevant pay data without shopping around or paying over the odds. Just purchase your gradar licence and pick the data sets you want from us acting as a reseller - it’s that simple!

Sure, you can still buy data from your preferred vendors and upload it to the gradar system - but we’re now offering the easiest, most affordable data to structure effective remuneration systems that set salaries at the most appropriate level.

So… How does it work?

With our salary survey data feature, it’s never been easier to compare your salaries with market rates across the world. All you need to do is grade your jobs and upload employee data - let us handle the rest.

Participation with Culpepper and other survey vendors is handled automatically.


Job Evaluation

  • Evaluate your positions within the gradar system
  • Receive a gradar Benchmark job code

Employee Data

  • Match employee data with your gradar jobs
  • Upload an Excel file or connect to your HRIS

Survey Participation

  • Automatically participate in your chosen survey
  • Aggregate your data with relevant market data

Market Data

  • View survey data and gradar data within your account
  • Use market data as a base for compensation structuring
*Market data pricing available on request in addition to our standard licence fees

Learn more about market data where you are

If you’re looking to optimise your pay structures, it’s important to know as much as possible about labour markets, collective labour agreements, wage setting strategies and compensation surveys. Click into our interactive map to get a short guide for the countries where your business operates.


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