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gradar is the complete solution for end-to-end job architecture management. Our software uses job evaluation as the basis for pay analytics, market benchmarking and equal pay analysis - helping your organisation build fair, transparent rewards structures that comply with emerging pay transparency legislation.

  • Evaluate roles and generate job descriptions
  • Align grading results with benchmark job codes
  • Design pay bands and upload salary data
  • Calculate your adjusted gender pay gap
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300+ organizations trust gradar to drive performance and engagement.

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Our key features

gradar is perfect if you need:

Job Evaluation

Job Architecture & AI Job Descriptions

Compensation Structuring & Pay Analytics

Market Benchmarking

Equal Pay Analysis

Competency Management

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

Analyse and evaluate the jobs in your business through one of gradar’s three career paths. Get full ownership of your HR processes and practices with consistent, bias-free job evaluation results - point factor based and tailored to your specific needs.

Job Architecture

Job Architecture & AI Job Descriptions

Create an analytical basis for an organisation-specific career framework and define career paths, job titles and job descriptions. Improve succession management and recruitment processes by aligning competencies with a job’s requirements.

Compensation Structuring & Pay Analytics

Compensation Structuring & Pay Analytics

Go beyond the pricing of a job and establish transparent compensation structures. Create pay bands to accelerate salary reviews, negotiations and offering processes - using structural data from pay scales as a basis for budgeting and controlling.

Market Benchmarking

Market Benchmarking

Structure effective remuneration systems that help retain talented staff. The gradar software automatically translates your job evaluation results into benchmark job codes - simply upload market data and set salaries at the appropriate level.

Equal Pay Analysis

Equal Pay Analysis

Ensure equal pay for equal work and defend against pay equity claims. Close your gender pay gap by analysing the distribution of salaries within a grade among male and female employees. Spot potential discrimination before it becomes a real issue.

Competency Management

Competency Management

Receive an instant translation of your job evaluation results into seven job family and grade-specific competencies. gradar connects with TMA’s extensive competency library so you can customise job profiles for virtually every job in your organisation.


Learn the basics of gradar

Let Phil, our CEO, walk you through our software to see if it’s the right fit for your organisation. He’ll explain all of our game-changing features, including job evaluation, compensation analysis, market benchmarking and a whole lot more!

Revolutionising your
rewards processes

gradar is the new and improved way to handle job evaluation and compensation projects - a modern, user-friendly tool that doesn’t cost the earth to implement and doesn't rely on big consultancies to use effectively.

Our software helps you easily build and maintain a job architecture under one roof - the perfect solution for optimising your internal and external pay practices while complying with emerging pay transparency legislation.

The job grading system for
the modern workplace

Here’s what you get with gradar:

End-To-End Solutions

gradar brings all aspects of a job architecture project together combining job grading with job-specific competencies and skills, compensation analytics, equal pay reporting and the capability to write job descriptions and align job grading results with market data. This is all your job-related data in one place!

Advanced Configurability

gradar is an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use software - but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tailored to your organisation’s individual structure and requirements. With the ability to create company-specific grading levels, organisational units, job families and more, we ensure your account is always unique and relevant to your business.

Built-In Market Data

gradar makes compensation benchmarking and structuring easy with high-quality salary survey data built into your account and ready to go! Evaluate your jobs in the system, then we’ll automatically compile results from your chosen data sets and our partners’ benchmark data. Setting salaries has never been so simple.

Powerful AI Capabilities

Whether it’s in our gender pay gap reporting, job matching module, compensation analysis or creation of detailed job descriptions, artificial intelligence plays a huge role within the gradar system. As a forward-thinking SaaS with a HR Tech DNA, we’re always willing to embrace new approaches and innovations in our product.

Deep Integrations

gradar connects with 25+ HRIS as part of your licence - working closely with our friends at Kombo to unlock multiple integrations for our users. Their team of highly-skilled engineers and developers partner with our HR experts to deliver any integration you need and add some serious value to your organisation.

Expert Partner Network

gradar was designed for you to handle your job evaluation project affordably in-house with a single software solution - but we know some organisations still need a helping hand. That’s why we have a network of compensation and benefits professionals trained in the gradar system and who align with our values.





Perfect for smaller companies embarking on their first job evaluation project - with the ability to grade up to 75 roles as the basis for a robust job architecture. Upload employee data and view compensation information to take the first step on your journey to fair and transparent rewards structures.

3.000€ /yr



This package brings all aspects of your compensation project together to drive powerful results. Combine your internal pay data, external market data, and job grading results to run comprehensive pay analytics and equal pay reporting to create robust and data-driven internal compensation structures.

6.000€ /yr



Built for larger organisations, this all-in-one package gives users access to all the features included in Professional, as well as additional admin users, enterprise-grade access management and expert support for your job evaluation and compensation work within the gradar system.

9.000€ /yr

It’s time to optimise your
pay, productivity and performance

Just like these guys…

BirdLife International

“gradar has been revolutionary and the support we have received has been exceptional. The system is user friendly and I have great confidence in the fairness of the scoring. It’s brilliant to have clear visibility of our roles in one system and to be able to easily cross compare and benchmark them against each other. We now have firm evidence to develop our pay and grading data, and I would recommend gradar to any organisation looking to transform their job evaluation systems.”


Rachel Baker

Human Resources Manager

DKV Mobility

“gradar helped us to structure our compensation schemes and this is the foundation for a state-of-the art performance management, equal pay, consistent career paths and having the right conversations around compensation with managers and employees. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a solution for this!”


Bentje Gruenewald

Team Manager, Compensation & HR Systems


“We recently implemented gradar's job grading system for our business and we are very pleased with the results! The application was extremely easy to use and the interface was intuitive and user friendly. The system was also very flexible, allowing me to customize the application to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to perform a detailed job evaluation exercise!”


Joanna Smith

Head of HR & Culture

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