Easy job evaluation

gradar makes it simple to evaluate the jobs in your organisation. Our software grades jobs across Individual Contribution, Project Management, Management and Executive career paths as the basis for pay analytics and talent management.

  • Deliver consistent job evaluation results in-house
  • View all your roles in a real-time cross comparison
  • Configure your own company grading levels
  • Evaluate and display ‘executive’ roles separately

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300+ organizations trust gradar to drive performance and engagement.

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Point-factor based job grading

gradar uses job grading as the basis for building job architectures, generating AI job descriptions, as well as handling compensation structuring and benchmarking, equal pay analysis, competency management and more. Analyse and evaluate the jobs in your business by grading roles through gradar’s career paths - and have the opportunity to view a live matrix of your jobs and get a comprehensive overview of their grades in a real-time cross comparison.

Consistent, company-
specific results

Receive the full range of job evaluation information (including master data, detailed evaluation decisions, levelling information and documentation!) and create a powerful knowledge base for your business and its structures. Easily compare results across job-families, departments and other variables and build an analytical basis for a career framework by defining career paths, job titles and job descriptions - with import and export functions connecting with HRIS tools.

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Connect with a gradar consultant

To help you get the most out of gradar, we’ve built a network of implementation partners for when you need project support. These experts are trained in the gradar system and available worldwide to consult on job architecture and compensation. Oh - and you’ll still retain all the gradar knowledge in-house after your project!


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BirdLife International

“gradar has been revolutionary and the support we have received has been exceptional. The system is user friendly and I have great confidence in the fairness of the scoring. It’s brilliant to have clear visibility of our roles in one system and to be able to easily cross compare and benchmark them against each other. We now have firm evidence to develop our pay and grading data, and I would recommend gradar to any organisation looking to transform their job evaluation systems.”


Rachel Baker

Human Resources Manager

DKV Mobility

“gradar helped us to structure our compensation schemes and this is the foundation for a state-of-the art performance management, equal pay, consistent career paths and having the right conversations around compensation with managers and employees. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a solution for this!”


Bentje Gruenewald

Team Manager, Compensation & HR Systems


“We recently implemented gradar's job grading system for our business and we are very pleased with the results! The application was extremely easy to use and the interface was intuitive and user friendly. The system was also very flexible, allowing me to customize the application to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to perform a detailed job evaluation exercise!”


Joanna Smith

Head of HR & Culture

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