Powerful pay equity analysis

gradar helps your organisation ensure equal pay for equal work, defend against pay equity claims and spot discrimination before it becomes a real issue with robust, reliable gender pay gap features.

  • Understand and resolve gender pay gaps
  • View salary distribution by grade and gender
  • Comply with national reporting requirements
  • Formalise career paths for equal opportunity

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300+ organizations trust gradar to drive performance and engagement.

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Spot potential discrimination

gradar offers gender pay gap analysis together with job evaluation, compensation analysis and structuring - as well as career path and job architecture design. By analysing the distribution of salaries within a grade among male and female employees, our software spots discrimination before it becomes a real issue.

Regression-based results

View a demographic analysis showing the distribution of male and female job holders per grade, get an overview of salaries by grade to easily identify outliers and calculate an adjusted pay gap taking into account the possible relevant factors influencing pay and equating them through a statistical model.

Connect with a gradar consultant

To help you get the most out of gradar, we’ve built a network of implementation partners for when you need project support. These experts are trained in the gradar system and available worldwide to consult on job architecture and compensation. Oh - and you’ll still retain all the gradar knowledge in-house after your project!


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