Calling all independent rewards professionals!

gradar is a web-based job evaluation system that helps you combine your consulting services with bias-free job grading results. Use our game-changing software to advise your customers on recruitment, pay and talent decisions faster, fairer and more frequently (no Excel spreadsheets required!)

  • Enhance your current HR consulting services with gradar software
  • Access a modern job evaluation system from an independent vendor
  • Join an international network of job architecture and rewards consultants
  • Become the gradar expert in your space and sell more consulting hours
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What our partners say

Silvia Pardo ESPERTA, Spain

“At ESPERTA, we believe gradar is the solution that can give companies the tools they need to create job architectures in a way that optimises pay, productivity and performance. As a gradar partner, we’ve seen first hand how the gradar methodology delivers point-factor based and bias-free job grading results that can be used to enhance our existing consulting services. The system is innovative, affordable and can deliver a software-based solution performed in-house.”

Jo Vanbilsen Widen Advisory, Belgium

“At Widen Advisory, we can say with total confidence that gradar is the software provider that allows our clients to gain greater clarity over their job structure (and makes our job a whole lot easier). It helps us help our clients to own their own HR processes and give them total control of their data. For us, this is the next generation of building job architectures that make a real, measurable impact. It’s so simple to use and has allowed us to improve our own service offering immensely.”

Sascha Lutz Reload HR, Germany

“The gradar software allows us to deliver bias-free, consistent job grading results for our clients - point-factor based and configured to their specific requirements. When our clients implement gradar with our support, every aspect of human capital management can be handled from a single interface. It works seamlessly with Personio as well as the SAP SuccessFactors interface to create greater transparency and deliver real, measurable results for our client base at Reload HR.”

Suzanne Tertilt Strategie M, Germany

“Our core objective is to help our clients motivate employees, encourage them to think for themselves and connect them to the company in a more meaningful way. gradar, as one of our strategic partners, makes it a whole lot easier for us to achieve those targets through their affordable, intuitive and easy-to-use software. Everything is handled in a single platform and allows us to save time, money and frustration on job evaluation projects. This is a great way to take your consulting to the next level!”

Konstantina Kourouvani PLANET, Greece

“Job grading is the foundation of any HR exercise, so it’s crucial that we partner with gradar to deliver bias-free and transparent results for the individual jobs in our clients’ businesses. By analysing roles in gradar, we’re able to create an analytical basis for an organisation-specific career framework, defining career paths, job titles and job descriptions in the process. We can improve succession management and recruitment processes by aligning competencies with a job’s requirements.”


What’s in it for you?

Deliver a superior service to your existing clients

Today, your clients are probably demanding a fast, efficient service - and old-school methods of job evaluation take far too long. We’re a product-based solution that supplements your existing consulting services and allows you to deliver projects more effectively. This is the future of job grading - and we want you to be a part of it!

Generate more leads and sell more consulting hours

By adding gradar to your toolkit, you can enhance your offer and position yourself as a HR leader. With job grading, competency management and compensation benchmarking functionality, we deliver more value to your clients and make you more money in less time. You can even leverage our network to win more business.

Receive an annual commission from gradar sales

gradar allows you to win more work and help your current clients get more out of your service - and we also pay a recurring commission for every license we sell through our partnership together! We never tap into your consulting revenues and offer a 10% reward when you pass our software on to one of your clients.

Oh - and no more Excel spreadsheets (finally!)

Think of gradar as the single source of truth for all job-related data in your clients’ businesses. In our system, you can easily view and edit individual job profiles, real-time cross comparisons, compensation structures, competencies and more. There’s no need for endless Excel tabs - everything’s available in a single dashboard!

Learn more about how gradar can drive your business forward

If you’re interested in becoming a gradar partner, we’d love to hear from you! Just click the button below to arrange a call with one of our friendly experts. You can also watch a short demo that explains more about the software and how it works.