Visual Merchandising


The Visual Merchandising job family is responsible for creating and maintaining an appealing and effective visual display in stores and other retail environments. This includes tasks such as planning and designing displays, selecting and arranging merchandise, and overseeing the set-up and take-down of displays. Job holders may be involved in the store-level display of merchandise, as well as the development of plans and standards that will work across the company for the display of merchandise. They develop and coordinate the rollout of various visual merchandising programs, and they may act as leads to lower level personnel of this function.

Typical activities

  • Supports sales through design and visual merchandising directives.
  • Communicates all visual merchandising programs to the field and store level merchandisers.
  • Maintains and updates point of sales displays around the store.
  • Creates and develops standards for merchandising displays and programs.

Synonyms or related job titles

Display Coordinator, Installations Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Visual Associate


The Visual Merchandising Store Operations job family is responsible for creating and maintaining an appealing shopping environment for customers. This includes tasks such as planning and executing store layouts, designing and constructing store fixtures and displays, and maintaining store signage and graphics. Job holders may also train store staff on proper merchandising techniques and ensure that stores are compliant with all company visual standards. 

Typical activities

  • Designs and implements visual display elements within a store.
  • Ensures displays support company views and standards.
  • Effectively utilises appealing presentations to promote store merchandise.

Synonyms or related Job Titles

Visual Merchandiser, Decorator, Display Specialist

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