Changing the Game with AI-Generated Job Descriptions

Ask any HR professional, and they’ll tell you that job descriptions are the backbone of what they do. From writing job ads to assessing potential candidates to carrying out performance reviews, a detailed and accurately defined job description is indispensable when attracting, hiring and managing people. Yet, any HR professional will also tell you that writing job descriptions takes serious time to get right - until now. By combining objective job evaluation with the innovative power of AI, gradar’s latest module immediately creates accurate job descriptions at the click of a button. It doesn’t get much more transformational than that.

KI Job Descriptions

The Power of Job Descriptions

Before you can write a job ad, interview candidates or carry out a performance review, you need to be armed with a comprehensive job description. This official outline of a job’s functions, responsibilities and relation to other roles is a vital foundation for almost all HR functions.

Naturally, it’s essential that job descriptions are detailed, accurate and up-to-date. When it comes to crafting job ads, pin-pointed job descriptions help attract people with the appropriate skills and experience and make sure that both HR professionals and potential candidates alike are investing their interview time wisely. 

They also give vital clarity on a role internally. An effective job description will clearly set out the scope and responsibilities of a role. Not only does this make it crystal clear exactly what is expected of the person taking on the job, but it also provides a solid framework for assessing employee performance throughout the year. 

Winning Back Time With AI

The sticking point with job descriptions is that crafting them is a time-intensive, never-ending task. In a rapidly-evolving job market, previously written job descriptions rapidly become outdated and irrelevant. 

As tech transforms how work gets done, restructuring impacts responsibilities, and company goals shift, simply dusting off role descriptions from years ago isn’t possible. When a role becomes available, clicking copy paste on a two-year-old description won’t accurately represent the current needs and responsibilities of the job today. 

So, if your organization is writing job descriptions in-house, it’s likely significantly eating into your HR team’s time. And if you’re hiring consultants to write them? You can count on a hefty bill. 

The great news is, recent technological advances have opened the door to automated solutions for everyone. Leveraging the power of generative AI, HR teams can increasingly divert their time away from admin tasks and towards strategy and people. 

Harnessing the Power of AI with gradar

There’s always a lot going on behind the scenes here at gradar. Our job evaluation system - the most comprehensive on the planet - is at the cutting edge of the tech advancements that make designing and managing a job architecture easier. 

So, our latest innovation? AI-generated job descriptions. We’ve created a module that combines our objective job grading system with the power of generative AI to automatically create comprehensive job descriptions. 

First, our system framework maps out the parameters of a role - including years of experience, knowledge required and skills needed - to produce a gradar grade. Then, thanks to this update, the system can automatically create a job description based on that gradar grade and job evaluation results. 

Just click generate, and you’ll have a bespoke, ready-to-go job description written in natural language. Yes, it really is that simple. 

The AI service can craft descriptions from the following sections:

  • The general purpose of the job
  • Core duties and responsibilities 
  • Technical skills 
  • Communication requirements 

This structured approach gives thorough and targeted job descriptions in seconds. Perfect for multinational organizations, gradar even offers multi language support. The system produces an automatic translation of the AI output via DeepL translator for all the supported languages in gradar. 

Of course, changes and adjustments to the final job description can be made manually by the people who know the organization best. Whether used for posting job ads, assessing potential candidates or conducting performance reviews, comprehensive and uniform job descriptions will promote company-wide consistency. 

Ultimately, this game-changing function saves the most valuable commodity: time. Whether you’re a business owner or HR professional, claiming back hours from admin tasks lets you invest more in your strategy and your people. 

Sounds like something that could work for your organization? Get in touch with our team today!