The new, independent way to analyze and evaluate jobs

gradar is an accessible, affordable software designed to empower HR departments and provide a suite of specialist job evaluation services. Our simple, transparent application makes the analysis and evaluation of jobs easier than ever - appropriately preparing your business for the challenges ahead.

What makes us different?

gradar is a job evaluation system designed with our clients in mind. We’re committed to providing a standardised service with a number of user-inspired features which your business can operate independently.

By partnering with independent compensation consultants, we implement a non-proprietary approach that focuses chiefly on a job’s requirements.

We evaluate jobs across 25 grades in three different career paths; individual contributor, management roles and project management roles.

Experts, "Gurus"


Skilled Labour

Un-skilled / Semi-skilled Labour

The Grade is a result of the project's dimensions: Timeframe, budget, leadership span, complexity, ...

General Management

Top Management

Middle Management

Management /
Team Leadership


Individual Contribution

Project Management


People Management

Management positions place their emphasis on disciplinary management of employees and organizational units, as well as budget responsibility. Their achievements are typically of an indirect nature through leadership, promotion, support and motivation, along with the functional use of the resources available to achieve their goals.

Project Management

The core objective of project managers is delivery through coordination, personnel distribution, resource allocation and budget control in the context of time-limited, one-off projects.

Individual Contribution

Position holders contribute mainly through the application and development of specific skills. Employees add value either individually or as members of an organizational unit. The responsibility may extend from the execution of individual tasks of an unskilled worker to the technical management of a discipline as an expert. Disciplinary leadership does not belong to the core tasks.

job evaluation with gradar.

gradar provides consistent and objective results on all job levels. From unskilled workers to strategic experts, from project to people managers, it follows a strict requirements-based approach. One of gradar’s key characteristics is this qualitative approach to job evaluation. By providing clear factor definitions and distinctive verbal level descriptions, the evaluation process is easily understandable for everybody involved and provides a high level of objectivity.

The well-balanced choice of input, throughput and output-factors makes gradar the ideal tool to evaluate positions in organisations of all sizes and in all industry sectors.

Individual Contribution

Project Management


Professional Knowledge and Experience

Thinking and Cognitive Requirements / Problem Solving

People Responsibility

Project Responsibility and Leadership Span

Leadership Span and Guided Group of Employees

Organizational Knowledge

Processes and Complexity

Functional Responsibility

Scope of Decisions

Project Size and Project Budget

Processes and Complexity

Organizational Responsibility

Scope of Decisions


And our three-step process has never been easier.

  1. Set up the job in the gradar system
  2. Evaluate the job based on its requirements
  3. Compare the results across job families and business units

Our system is fully customisable. From job families and organisational structures to benchmark survey translation matrices and competency models, you can configure the system to your requirements.

We’re suitable for every business, from SMEs to multi-national companies. We don’t assess turnover. We don’t assess scope. We focus solely on comparable job evaluation results. It’s an approach that makes us the ideal solution for organisations in fast-changing work environments.

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Ease of use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clean and neat responsive design
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Secure and straightforward access management


  • 132 global job families that enable automated job matching to major compensation surveys and job-specific competencies
  • Strong correlation with other job evaluation and grading systems


  • Real-time cross comparison
  • One-click .xlsx, .csv & .docx exports
  • Up to 6 user-defined variables to cluster jobs
  • Comprehensive filter options
Global Job Families

The 132 gradar global job families are a standard variable available to all users that allows for a translation of job evaluation results into benchmark surveys job codes and job-specific competencies of TMA’s competency library.

Learn more about our global job families

career path

Job Evaluation in three
Career Paths

  • Individual Contribution
  • Project Management
  • Management

job grade

Job grading from grade 1 to 25

  • Individual Contribution grades 1 - 19
  • Project Management grades 10 - 21
  • Management grades 11 - 25

global job family

choice of currently

  • 24 job families
  • 108 subfamilies

benchmark job match

Benchmark survey job matching

Our job matching module is a web-based translation matrix for converting the analytical job evaluation results into benchmark job matches from global and local salary surveys

gradar’s job matching module is a major timesaver for all compensation professionals as you can manage all your jobs and their matches to compensation surveys in our system.

Learn more about our job matching module
Job evaluation and competencies

We translate our job grading results out-of-the-box into a level and job-family-specific selection of TMA competencies. The competency management module allows for a manual definition of job-specific competencies.

career path

Job Evaluation in three
Career Paths

  • Individual Contribution
  • Project Management
  • Management

job grade

Job grading from grade 1 to 25 translates into competency level

  • Individual Contribution
    - grades 1 - 3:general
    - grades 4 - 9:operational
    - grades 10 - 13:tactical
    - grades 14 - 19:strategical
  • Project Management
    - grades 10 - 12:operational
    - grades 13 - 16:tactical
    - grades 17 - 21:strategical
  • Management
    - grades 11 - 12:operational
    - grades 13 - 15:tactical
    - grades 16 - 25:strategical

global job family

choice of currently

  • 24 job families
  • 108 subfamilies

translates into relevant competencies

Selection of competencies

Job family and level specific selction of up to seven (out of 53) competencies results in currently 620 different outcomes as defined by the standard model.

The competency editor allows to set up company specific models based on almost any variable available in the system. Such client-specific models between gradar results and TMA’S competency library can be developed and implemented with the help of QPM and gradar implementation partners.

Learn more about our competency management

To ensure full compliance with local equal pay laws and pay equity acts, gradar provides an optional module for the evaluation of working conditions. This module can be customized and provides the data basis for fair and transparent allowance payment practises.

Built for a global audience

The system is available in 15+ languages at no extra cost, including English (UK & US), Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. It’s been implemented in organizations across the globe.

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Psychological stress

Static physical efforts

Dynamic physical efforts

Unilateral physical efforts/ forced posture

Skill requirements (fine motor skills / dexterity)

External influences: Heat, dirt, dust, cold (mechanical / physical)

External influences: Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC)

pricing & feature overview

gradar is for every business.
We’re one of the most affordable job evaluation systems on the market.

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Starter Plus Edition

The perfect solution for job evaluation and competency management in Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

1,800£ / yr

Professional Plus

Professional Plus Edition

Everything needed to build and maintain a professional job architecture in a larger company.

3,600£ /yr


Enterprise Edition

Packed with enhanced features, such as a real-time cross comparison, custom job families, custom organizational units and enterprise-grade access management.

5,400£ /yr

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