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gradar is the new and improved way to easily analyze and evaluate the jobs in your business. Our simple software allows you to deliver your own bias-free, consistent job grading results - point-factor based and configured to your specific needs.

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Stop Wasting Money on Unreliable, Inefficient Methods of Job Evaluation That Don’t Provide the Best Return on Investment.

From out-dated tools to expensive consultants who don’t get results - it’s hard to find an accessible, affordable solution to determine the value of jobs in your business.

In an industry that’s well behind the times, companies across North America are forced to rely on obsolete, ineffective methods of analyzing jobs that focus mostly on external factors. And they spend THOUSANDS of dollars doing it.

The Problem With Market Pricing

Most companies in the USA focus mainly on market pricing and fail to utilize internal job evaluation. They base their pay policies on inconsistent, inefficient practices by relying too heavily on external factors and trends.

  • Doesn’t ensure pay equity or defend against equal pay claims
  • Ignores grade-based salary structures and internal pay bands

The Problem With Large, Old-School Consultancies

The consulting industry has made the job evaluation process increasingly vague, complex and expensive. They almost always use proprietary systems that need the “secret knowledge” of their specialised staff.

  • Charge over-the-odds for basic projects with little time commitment
  • Fail to share best-practice and help you perform evaluations in-house

How Much You’re Spending & How Much You Could Save...

Job evaluation consultants charge unrealistic prices for unreliable services. You’ll rarely receive a standard quotes for under $65k, with larger organizations racking up bills of up to $750,000.

But gradar is for every business. And we’re one of the most affordable job evaluation systems on the market. Our software is available from just $2,100/yr and can be used independently with no hidden fees.

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Evaluate The Jobs in Your Business Simply & Effectively
Without Worrying About Consultancy Fees or Missed Opportunities.

gradar is designed to make life easier and give your organization greater clarity around point-factor based job evaluation. By turning a consultancy-based business into a SAAS business, we bring delivery in-house to save you time, money and frustration.

Using work science, organisation theory and practical experience, we’ve created a standardized tool for everyone - with no hidden consulting fees. We pride ourselves on setting a new, qualitative trend in human capital management.

Combine Market Pricing With Job Evaluation

gradar combines consistent internal job evaluation with external market data to ensure fair pay, boost efficiency, improve recruitment and provide a strong foundation for company operations. We give your business a clear competitive edge.

  • Ensure internal pay equity and defend against equal pay claims
  • Build and maintain grade-based salary structures with pay bands
  • Support a job architecture for process optimization and digitalization

Get Fast, Bias-Free & Consistent Grading Results

gradar gives your business a deeper understanding of a job’s requirements, responsibilities and competencies needed.

  • Determine and manage job-specific competencies
  • Support talent management and succession planning
  • Deliver bespoke results that add value to your business

Use gradar In-House To Save Time & Money

We designed the gradar software with our clients in mind. And we’re committed to providing a simple, standardized service with a number of user-inspired features which your business can operate independently.

  • Stop paying over-the-odds for consultants who don’t get results
  • Start using a simple and transparent approach to job evaluation
  • Empower your HR departments and own your job grading process

This Is Why Companies Across The World Love gradar...

From unskilled workers to strategic experts, from project to people managers, we follow a requirements-based approach. The evaluation process is easily understandable for everybody involved and provides a high level of objectivity.

We offer our clients a progressive, transparent and fully-customizable service, comparing jobs across 25 grades in three different career paths. Our three-step process makes job evaluation easy.

  • the job setup in the gradar system
  • Evaluate the job based on its requirements
  • Compare the results across job families and business units
Gradar Overview
Gradar Overview

A choice of input, throughput and output-factors makes gradar the ideal tool to evaluate positions in organisations of all sizes - and in all industry sectors. You also have the option of working with our renowned, independent implementation partners.

Ease of use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clean and neat responsive design
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Secure and straightforward access management


  • 132 global job families that enable automated job matching to major compensation surveys and job-specific competencies
  • Strong correlation with other job evaluation and grading systems


  • Real-time cross comparison
  • One-click .xlsx, .csv & .docx exports
  • Up to 6 user-defined variables to cluster jobs
  • Comprehensive filter options

Digitize Your Individual Job Evaluation System & Support Your Entire Job Architecture With From gradar

We’re delighted to introduce - the most powerful job evaluation platform ever built! By white labelling our proprietary gradar framework, you can effortlessly support your entire in-house job grading system and job architecture, delivering web-based, consistent job grading results.
You’ll benefit from...


Make the switch from excel-based job evaluation to a convenient online platform.


Get familiar, accessible and transparent job evaluation results for your business.


Grant access to different stakeholders with enterprise-grade management.


Align jobs with competencies, pay bands, market data, job descriptions and more.

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