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Let’s face it. Job evaluation and compensation management has become an expensive, complex and time-consuming process. We say it’s time for change. That’s why we’ve turned the traditional consulting model into a product-based SaaS - accessible, affordable and always there for your business.

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300+ organizations trust gradar to drive performance and engagement.

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Our mission and values

gradar is an ambitious, diverse team of HR and software experts working together to change the way organisations think about job grading projects. Our main goal is to remove the need for expensive consultants and empower more people to own their rewards processes and policies completely independently

We’re proposing a shift in the way job evaluation is carried out by providing a SaaS product that improves performance and reduces costs over existing approaches. We stand for a non-proprietary and affordable service that anyone can use - whether it’s companies and their rewards departments or independent HR professionals.

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Global job families to categorise and organise your specific jobs


Compensation surveys with benchmark job codes in the system


Competencies automatically selected when grading a job


Implementation partners in multiple locations across the world


Language packs readily available out-of-the-box for free


Clients in a wide range of countries from Australia to Zimbabwe

A message from our CEO

Hello there! It’s Phil here, Founder and CEO of gradar. I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ for finding our company and exploring our website to learn more about us. Oh - and I’d also like to talk to you about my basement for a moment (trust me, just go with it!)

I’d worked at one of the major consultancies for many years - and knew the traditional model of job grading and rewards management was simply not sustainable. So, in 2014, some friends and I met up in my ‘brain bunker’ to discuss a suitable alternative.

After many nights spent ‘underground’, we created a new and improved way to analyse and evaluate jobs - a modern, user-friendly tool that didn’t cost the earth to implement and didn’t rely on the secret knowledge of consultants to use effectively.

And so, gradar was born!

Photo of Phil
Photo of Phil

With an HR Tech DNA, gradar helps you build and maintain a job architecture under one roof in an easy-to-use software. No more project-based consultation. No more Excel- based deliverables. Just one fully-integrated, widely-compatible solution.

We combine job grading with job-specific competencies and skills, compensation analytics, equal pay reporting and the capability to align job grading results with salary surveys. It’s the full package! And it’s super affordable, too.

If there’s one thing you need to know about our company, it’s this. We are fully and wholeheartedly committed to eliminating the persistent need for external consulting support and empower our users to own their rewards policies and practices.

So, if that’s something you’re on board with - I’d love to have a chat!

Get to know gradar

Circle Björn

Philipp Schuch

Founder & CEO

Circle Ralf

Ralf Kuklik


Circle Bjorn Weinbrenner

Björn Weinbrenner


Circle Lisanne

Lisanne Metz

Managing Director & COO

Circle Zachary

Zachary Weinberger

Managing Director (USA)

Circle James Mackay

James Mackay

Head of Content Creation & Managing Director (UK)

Circle Benedikt Herz

Benedikt Herz

Data Scientist

Circle Thomas Köntges

Thomas Köntges

Data Scientist

Circle Sophie Janke

Sophie Janke

Implementation Consultant

Circle Zachary Weinberger

Franka von Strünck

Implementation Consultant

Circle Stefan Michael

Stefan Michael

UX Designer

Circle Manuel Heim

Manuel Heim

Software Developer

Circle Sabrina Meinerzhagen

Sabrina Meinerzhagen

Specialist Processes & Tools

Circle Joëlle Baedorff

Joëlle Baedorff

Specialist International Operations

Circle Silke Schuch

Silke Schuch

Specialist International Controlling & Business Administration

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Gear Gear

Why choose us?

Complete Solution

gradar delivers job evaluation, compensation structuring and benchmarking, equal pay analysis, competency management and more

Expert Team

gradar is run by an experienced group of compensation professionals with deep knowledge in job evaluation, rewards management and HR Tech

Friendly Support

gradar offers ongoing technical assistance as part of your licence fee - we’re happy to lend a hand without charging you for the privilege

Affordable Software

gradar is the most affordable rewards software on the market and can save you up to 95% on typical job evaluation and compensation projects

It’s time to optimise your
pay, productivity and performance

Just like these guys…

BirdLife International

“gradar has been revolutionary and the support we have received has been exceptional. The system is user friendly and I have great confidence in the fairness of the scoring. It’s brilliant to have clear visibility of our roles in one system and to be able to easily cross compare and benchmark them against each other. We now have firm evidence to develop our pay and grading data, and I would recommend gradar to any organisation looking to transform their job evaluation systems.”


Rachel Baker

Human Resources Manager

DKV Mobility

“gradar helped us to structure our compensation schemes and this is the foundation for a state-of-the art performance management, equal pay, consistent career paths and having the right conversations around compensation with managers and employees. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a solution for this!”


Bentje Gruenewald

Team Manager, Compensation & HR Systems


“We recently implemented gradar's job grading system for our business and we are very pleased with the results! The application was extremely easy to use and the interface was intuitive and user friendly. The system was also very flexible, allowing me to customize the application to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to perform a detailed job evaluation exercise!”


Joanna Smith

Head of HR & Culture

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Got questions?

Customer support is our top priority - and we’re always available to lend a hand! We’d be happy to arrange a call, live demo or extended evaluation period.