If you’re an NGO or NPO, you could get gradar at 20% off!

The ability to build and manage a job architecture should be accessible and affordable for every organization - so we make gradar available at a discount for charities doing good in the world. View our eligibility criteria and explore the software to see how we can help you:

  • Create and optimize salary structures through pay analytics
  • Promote equal pay with uploaded employee data
  • Automatically generate accurate job descriptions using AI
  • Grade your roles and view a company wide cross comparison

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Some highly-influential charities benefit from gradar’s Non-Profit Programme…

  • Birdlife
  • D-Tree
  • Florence Nightingale Foundation
  • Kindernothilfe
  • Triggerise
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What is the gradar Non-Profit Programme?

At gradar, we’re on a mission to make job architectures accessible on a global scale to organizations of all shapes and sizes. That’s why our platform collects and interconnects all your internal and external job-related information under one roof.

We charge license fees - butwe offer a 20% discount for charities with fewer than 300 employees making a difference in the world. This is about helping worthy causes benefit from job architecture and rewards solutions previously unavailable to them.

Our Non-Profit Programme exists to help NGOs and NPOs in the United States use our revolutionary job evaluation software cost-effectively in-house so they can continue to positively influence the communities they serve.

Here’s what gradar offers NGOs and NPOs…

Job Evaluation

Competency Management

Job Architectures

Compensation Benchmarking

Compensation Structuring

Equal Pay Analysis


Job Evaluation

Own your HR processes by analyzing and evaluating jobs through one of gradar’s three career paths.


Competency Management

Receive an instant translation of your job grading results into seven job family and grade-specific competencies.


Job Architectures

Create an organization-specific career framework and define career paths, job titles and job descriptions.


Compensation Benchmarking

Translate your job evaluation results into benchmark job codes - just upload market data and set salaries.


Compensation Structuring

Encourage transparency by creating pay bands to accelerate salary reviews, negotiations and offering processes.


Equal Pay Analysis

Close your gender pay gap by analyzing the distribution of salaries among male and female employees.


Eligibility requirements

See if you qualify for 20% off our Professional Plus Edition…

More than anything, we want to help the small and the worthy. So, to get the biggest discount, you must be a registered nonprofit organisation with fewer than 300 employees and a minimum 50% of revenue from donations and legacies.

Please note, the following organisations aren’t eligible:

  • Business and professional organizations
  • Legislative or political organizations
  • Churches, an association of churches, or other religious organizations
  • Government offices
  • Libraries and museums, unless financed exclusively by private donations

It’s time to optimise your
pay, productivity and performance

Just like these guys…

BirdLife International

“gradar has been revolutionary and the support we have received has been exceptional. The system is user friendly and I have great confidence in the fairness of the scoring. It’s brilliant to have clear visibility of our roles in one system and to be able to easily cross compare and benchmark them against each other. We now have firm evidence to develop our pay and grading data, and I would recommend gradar to any organisation looking to transform their job evaluation systems.”


Rachel Baker

Human Resources Manager

DKV Mobility

“gradar helped us to structure our compensation schemes and this is the foundation for a state-of-the art performance management, equal pay, consistent career paths and having the right conversations around compensation with managers and employees. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a solution for this!”


Bentje Gruenewald

Team Manager, Compensation & HR Systems


“We recently implemented gradar's job grading system for our business and we are very pleased with the results! The application was extremely easy to use and the interface was intuitive and user friendly. The system was also very flexible, allowing me to customize the application to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to perform a detailed job evaluation exercise!”


Joanna Smith

Head of HR & Culture

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Got questions?

Customer support is our top priority - and we’re always available to lend a hand! We’d be happy to arrange a call, live demo or extended evaluation period.