Discover some pretty cool HR solutions with gradar

From benchmark salary data and behavioural competencies to recruitment, payroll and inclusion, our strategic partners help you take control of all your HR functions.

Our partners

Why do we have strategic partners?

As a fast-growing scale-up, it’s important for gradar to play an active, meaningful role in the HR software ecosystem. That’s why we’re always expanding our network of like-minded companies to grow and collaborate with.

Whether it’s through our technical integration with HRIS like SAP SuccessFactors or our relationship with socially-responsible companies like Niya, gradar is committed to opening up new opportunities and delivering a superior system to our users.


Check out our strategic partners…

SAP SuccessFactors

gradar is fully integrated with SuccessFactors - one of the world’s leading HRIS - and provides several data points to simplify the management of jobs and compensation. A user’s job evaluation results, job families, pay bands, external market data and employee salary data from gradar automatically displays in the related SF account.


Culpepper is a leading provider and trusted source of global compensation survey data and analytics. Once a quarter, aggregated salary data from the gradar database is reported to Culpepper - and we receive their market data in return. You can populate your gradar account with affordable, good-quality benchmark data.


Lurse is a leading HR company specialising in compensation and benefits, pensions and talents. Oh - and they also have one of the largest compensation databases in Germany! When you’re looking to handle market benchmarking within the gradar system, we’ll provide you with quality salary data straight from Lurse’s database.


TMA connects organisations with people and develops talent by providing insights into behavioural competencies. gradar connects with TMA’s extensive competency library, automatically translating your job evaluation results into seven job family and grade-specific competencies - helping you customise job profiles for all of your roles.


Kombo is a team of highly-experienced engineers and developers on a mission to empower every software company (like gradar!) to integrate with any other tool on the market. We love the guys at Kombo and work closely with them to unlock multiple integrations for our users - most notably some of the world’s major HRIS.


Lano is a cloud-based platform for hiring, managing and paying your employees across the world. This solution gives global businesses the flexibility they need to quickly build and grow their global teams. Lano users will get a 10% discount on any gradar licence - and gradar users will benefit from some special conditions at Lano!


Niya is a social mobility network that connects underrepresented people to job opportunities at global organisations. By partnering with them - and directing our clients to the Niya community - we can play our role in breaking barriers to opportunity and supporting more inclusive workplaces across the world.

Connect with a gradar consultant

Along with our strategic partners, we’ve also built a network of implementation partners for when you need project support. These experts are trained in the gradar system and available worldwide to consult on job evaluation and compensation. Oh - and you’ll still retain all the gradar knowledge in-house after your project!


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