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Get to know our software and see if it’s the right fit for your organisation. Explore all of our game-changing features, including job evaluation, compensation analysis, competency benchmarking and a whole lot more!

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Start with quick tutorials

Learn more about the foundations of gradar and dive deeper into our key features with short educational videos.

The gradar logic

Learn more about why gradar exists, our proprietary framework and how you can use it to take control of your rewards policies and practices in a transparent way.

The job profile

Take a look at all the job-related data you’ll have instant access to within the gradar system as we walk you through the job profile for the roles in your business.

Grading a job

The core of gradar! Understand how to grade your roles and perform reliable, bias-free, point-factor based job evaluation in-house without expensive consultants.

Compensation structuring

Dive deeper into pay bands, pay groups and how gradar can open up new functionality when it comes to your organisation’s compensation structures.

Compensation benchmarking

Take a tour of gradar’s market data capabilities and see how you can review your internal salaries based on external benchmarks. Setting pay has never been simpler!

Competency management

Explore gradar’s relationship with TMA and their extensive competency library. Why? So you can customise behavioural profiles for every job in your organisation.

Gender pay gap analysis

Ensure equal pay for equal work and get insight into your gender pay gap as we reveal our smart, sustainable analysis tool that takes multiple factors into account.

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