How SPARKS effortlessly developed career paths and a detailed compensation system

SPARKS is an engineering company which produces innovative software solutions for the Automotive Industry. With the help of gradar, this growing organisation brought their performance and compensation management to the next level by creating a meaningful job architecture and taking ownership of their rewards practices.

  • Created detailed job descriptions that outlined individual responsibilities
  • Gave employees visible career paths and clearly-defined job title structures
  • Developed accurate pay bands for base pay and target total compensation

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Philipp Schuch, Founder & CEO

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The Story

SPARKS is a specialist infotainment company, based out of Germany, that focuses on the automotive industry. Since their founding in 2012, the company has grown from 8 employees to more than 170. Based on their increasing number of staff members and organisational complexity, harmonised HR Tools and processes needed to be implemented. That’s where gradar stepped in.

The Struggle

Although SPARKS had a draft for career paths and a job title structure, there wasn’t a clear methodology in place yet. They saw the need for differentiation between the career paths which could be connected with a structured compensation system. They wanted to improve job descriptions, clearly defining the responsibilities of each position as the base for compensation and performance management.

The Strategy

Using gradar’s built-in global job families, SPARKS was able to create job descriptions for each role and grade them in the system. With these results, the HR team could then perform internal compensation analysis and structuring, defining pay bands for base pay and target total compensation. A detailed equal pay analysis could also be conducted directly within the gradar software.

The Solution

Based on the results from gradar, SPARKS has established clear career paths and standardised job title structures for Project Management, Experts and Management roles. By implementing a harmonised pay bands and bonus structure system, management can review costs and individual salary reviews accurately and effectively within gradar. Their career management has reached the next level!


Sparks saw these results with gradar…

….and you can, too!

Defined roles and responsibilities for company positions

Established a fairer and more transparent compensation system

Created career paths and a clear job title structure for staff

Joanna Smith Head of HR & Culture

“We recently implemented gradar's job grading system for our business and we are very pleased with the results! The application was extremely easy to use and the interface was intuitive and user friendly. The system was also very flexible, allowing me to customize the application to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to perform a detailed job evaluation exercise!”

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