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be yourself- Rui Soares

gradar Partner

A Training and HR Consulting firm, based in Portugal with a branch in Kuwait City (for Middle East) developing services through three main areas HR Consulting, Training and Personal Development. Overall, our intervention programs are transformational processes, with rich and internationally recognized contents, supplemented with tools that guarantee the sustainability of the processes and the measurement of impact in organizations. We provide a set of relevant initiatives in a highly dynamic context with several challenges and opportunities, offering to the client our outstanding services based on fundamental principles and through an international and highly experienced Team. In Consultancy, our expertise goes for integrated HRM solutions, providing specialized and qualified knowledge (more than 18 years) in Job Descriptions; Job Evaluation; Performance Management; High Potentials Development; Career Path; Competency Diagnosis; and Mentoring & Coaching. We aspire to be your strategic partner and to contribute to the discovery of talents, promoting their development through interventions of excellence, using powerful tools that promote effective changes and high productivity.
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