job families

Job families are an organisational means to combine similar jobs to job clusters. In addition to family-specific job titles, this approach can serve to optimise personnel development by designing a dedicated competency model. Further HR processes such as personnel planning or personnel marketing can be geared to the needs of these job clusters as well. Furthermore job families are well suited as a variable in statistical analysis, reporting, and HR controlling.

Depending on corporate strategy, job families can also be the basis for differences in the remuneration policy. Typically sales functions' remuneration differs from other functions (different pay mix with higher variable pay). Separate pay bands can be modelled for particular high-demand occupations. If and when this is recommendable should be checked in each individual case.

Job families can be defined at any level of detail and typically the process follows the existent or planned categories of functions.

The more heterogeneous the positions are in a job family, the more sense a further segmentation into sub-families makes.

Job families can also be referred to as occupation families, depending on the organisation. Same or similar professions can exist in different parts of an organisation, thus position clusters often cannot be derived solely from the organisational chart only.


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