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What is Job Matching?

Job Evaluation is a method to determine the relative value of a position.

Job Matching is about identifying benchmark jobs from compensation surveys in order to assess the market price of a position.

Accurate job matching is the foundation of salary benchmarks and market comparisons. In matching an internal job to an external benchmark job of similar content is the key to accessing benchmark data from salary surveys. The benchmark data can be used to compare employees' salaries against market rates and may be included in the modelling of pay bands and in the determination of a competitive ratio of base and variable pay.

  • gradar automatically suggests benchmark jobs that are likely a good fit to the position you have evaluated.
  • gradar is compatible with benchmark jobs from a number of locally and globally recognised publishers. Appropriate surveys for your organisation cover relevant industries, jobs and markets.
  • gradar enables you to store the job grading and job matching decision online.

gradar, job matching easily done

gradar combines the results from its job evaluation engine (career path + job grade) with one of gradar's more than 100 global job families and translates this into job codes from 5+ compensation surveys. With this feature we provide easy access to global reward surveys as well as selected local salary benchmark studies.

Global compensation benchmark vendors usually assemble a list of participants that consists mainly of multinational enterprises of Anglo-American origin. Local providers in contrast are often able to attract local firms to participate who are looking for a vendor that is more in touch with the peculiarities of domestic or regional salary markets.

If you are a local salary vendor please get in touch to discuss an inclusion into our translation matrix.

gradar's global job families

  • Business Administration
    • Office Clerks
    • Receptionist / Switchboard
    • Secretarial / Business Assistance
  • Consulting (external) (new in 2018)
    • Business Consulting
    • Technology Consulting
    • Technology Consulting (Software Architecture)
    • Technology Consulting (Software Customizing)
    • Technology Consulting (Software Development)
    • Technical Product Support
  • Corporate Affairs
    • Internal Communications
    • Investor Relations
    • Public Relations
    • Government Relations
  • Customer Service
    • Technical Customer Service
    • Non Technical Customer Service
    • Call Centre
  • Engineering
    • Application Engineering (Automotive)
    • Calculation / Simulation Engineering (Automotive)
    • Civil / Construction Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering
    • Prototype Engineering (Automotive)
    • Sales Engineering (Automotive)
    • Technicians / Skilled Trade
    • Testing and Measuring Engineering (Automotive)
    • Trial / Test / Verification Engineering (Automotive)
  • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Credit / Collections
    • Controlling / Financial Analysis
    • Financial / Business Audit
    • Tax
    • Treasury
  • Franchising (new in 2017) 
    • Franchise Sales 
    • Franchise Operations
  • Human Resources
    • Recruitment
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Learning and Development
    • Training
    • HR Service Centre
    • HR Information / Management Systems
    • Payroll
    • Safety / Health / Environment
  • Information Technology
    • IT Administration
    • IT Network Architecture / Planning
    • IT Network Administration
    • IT Helpdesk
    • IT Security
  • Insurance (new in 2018)
    • Actuarial - Life
    • Actuarial - Non-Life
    • Claims - Life
    • Claims - Non-Life
    • Insurance Product Development
    • Underwriting - Life
    • Underwriting - Non-Life
    • Underwriting - Reinsurance
  • Legal Services
    • Legal Support
  • Marketing
    • Market Research
    • Product Management
    • Pricing
    • Product / Marketing Communications
    • Brand Marketing
    • Trade Marketing
    • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Production
    • Maintenance
    • Quality / Product Testing
  • Product Development
  • Project Management (new in 2018)
    • Project Management (external)
    • Business Consulting Project Management (external)
    • IT Consulting Project Management (external)
  • Process Management
  • Real Estate / Facility Management
    • Design and Construction
    • Real Estate Management
    • Facility Management
    • Site Selection / Acquisition
  • Research and Development
  • Retail (new in 2017)
    • Loss Prevention
    • Merchandise Buying
    • Merchandise Management
    • Merchandise Planning and Allocation
    • Multi-Store Management
    • Product Design Creative
    • Product Design Technical
    • Regional Store Management
    • Store Cashier / Checkout
    • Store Department Management
    • Store Management
    • Store Operations
    • Store Sales
    • Storeroom
  • Retail Banking (new in 2018)
    • Retail Banking - Management
    • Retail Banking - Product Consulting
    • Retail Banking - Product Development
    • Retail Banking - Sales and Service
  • Sales
    • Key Account Management
    • Sales Support / Administration
    • Sales Effectiveness
    • Sales Training
  • Software Development
    • Requirements Engineering
    • ERP Configuration / Customisation
    • Database Development
    • Software Testing
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Purchasing / Procurement
    • Materials Management
    • Logistics
    • Warehousing
  • Website Development
    • Web Analytics
    • Web Content Management
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Webdesign / Graphic-Design
    • Website / Online-systems Administration
  • Visual Merchandising
    • Visual Merchandising Store Operations

We have based gradar's 138 global job families on an analysis of the most often used benchmark jobs from "general industry", "high-tech" and "retail" compensation surveys. This list is expanded to incorporate specific industries such as "insurance" and "retail banking".

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