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gradar is a state-of-the-art, web-based and inexpensive tool for job evaluation. You can use the software directly in your organisation or as an independent compensation consultant as part of your customer projects*. gradar is available in three editions, from the free basic edition to our enterprise edition with a number of advanced and useful features.

  • The basic edition is ready to use within minutes. You can evaluate jobs within either the individual contributor, managerial or project management career path. Detailed factor descriptions and advanced features are not available.
  • With the professional edition you will find all you need to conduct an analytical job evaluation. Detailed factor and factor level descriptions are available. The job matching feature translates the results into job codes and/or levelling methodologies from compensation surveys and labour agreements. Grading results may be copied to the clipboard or stored in the online database.
  • gradar's enterprise edition comes with a number of additional features e.g. access control through company-specific organisational units, an easy-to-use cross comparison as well as a job specific history of grading results and the option for job coding and exporting grading results.

*Please talk to us if you are interested, we have special partner conditions considering local conditions.



€ 0.-


u20ac2,500 / $3,000
/yr + VAT


u20ac5,000 / $6,000
/yr + VAT
Job evaluation
Different language versions
Individual Contribution
Project Management
Factors in detail
Global Job Families
Multi-user licence
System Customisation
Dedicated subdomain
Custom logo upload
Custom Job Families
Custom organisational structure
Access management based on organisational structure
Organisation specific wording*
* Organisation specific wordings can be developed and implemented together with the vendor, QPM GmbH, against payment. When additional career paths are developed a focus is on compatibility to the existing gradar standard career paths.
Job Grading Results
Server in Europe
Copy to Clipboard
Job Matching to compensation surveys
Data storage on Server
Cross Comparison
Commenting on and documentation of results

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