gradar is an analytical job grading system. With gradar, you can evaluate all positions, from the unskilled worker to the division head in any type and size of organisation.

About Us

At gradar, we’re tired of complex processes and expensive consultants in an industry that’s well behind the times. That’s why we created a modern and affordable job grading tool - entirely from our own resources - designed to save our clients time, money and frustration. By turning a traditional consulting business into a state-of-the-art, product-based SaaS business, we empower our users to easily and efficiently analyse the jobs in their organisation. You need simplicity, so we developed a user-friendly system that takes the complexity out of job grading processes. You need a competitive edge, so we created a flexible product that lets you focus on internal talent programs.

You need reliable software, so we spent years researching and building a job evaluation engine that works for HR professionals and consultants alike. Using work science, organisation theory and practical experience, we created a standardised tool for everyone with no hidden consulting fees. We pride ourselves on setting a new trend in human capital management and delivering a first-class service to our partners in over 15 languages.


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Björn Weinbrenner

Development, Quality Assurance

Best usability, high performance and stability are our design premises.


Ralf Kuklik

Co-founder, Consulting, R&D

Job Evaluation is the starting point for systematic HR-management


Philipp Schuch

Founder, CEO

HR empowerment is our mission

CircleZachary Weinberger

Zachary Weinberger

Management, gradar LLC

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