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HR Professionals

Building an intuitive tool with gradar was very important to us. Our aim is to give HR professionals full control over their job grading process. We wanted to allow HR Business Partners to independently carry out a job evaluation in their organisation. For HR professionals who are familiar with the topic of job evaluation usually a brief introduction into the operation of gradar is sufficient to get you started.

With gradar you get inexpensive and quick results, at a high level of acceptance, since the evaluation logic is based on clear qualitative definitions and does not pretend pseudo-objectivity by using too complex formulas.

Finally the knowledge remains with you in your organisation after the end of the project and does not leave the building in the minds of external consultants.

Independent Compensation Consultants

We offer gradar to Independent compensation / job grading consultants to use in projects with their clients. We have different partner options. There are no strings attached. Please talk to us if you are interested. Also, individual adjustments and career models can be developed together with us as gradar's vendor, QPM GmbH (Ltd.), Germany. These efforts would be charged according to expenditure.

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