about gradar

gradar is an analytical job grading system. With gradar, you can evaluate all positions, from the unskilled worker to the division head in any type and size of organisation. 

gradar is easy to use and allows for a transparent and comprehensible job grading. Its modern web-based application guides you intuitively and self-explanatory through your grading process. This puts you in charge and gives you the full control over your data and the process of position evaluation.

How it all started

We developed gradar from scratch, using evidence-based methods by combining state-of-the-art findings from work science, organisational theory and our practical experience gained in many job evaluation projects. We tested each element for relevance and reliability in business practice.

Designing the factors being free of age- or gender-discrimination was extremely important to us. 

Our intention was to create a non-proprietary tool for everyone.


gradar offers:
  • easy handling and inexpensive access
  • >15 languages available at no extra costs
  • no bias toward management and executive levels: the implementation of an individual contributor career path at par with the management and project management career path
  • an algorithm compatible with existent collective labour agreements and the European Qualification Framework (introduced in 2008)
  • a state of the art web-application. The software is cutting-edge, with regards to the technology and the user interface design. There is no legacy application made in MS Excel or as a “pen and paper” model.
  • engineering Made in Germany, an infrastructure hosted in Germany and the SaaS licensing through a German contract.

gradar’s advantages

easy and flexible

gradar is fast, easy to use and secure. The factor level definitions are easy to understand and optional comments (enterprise edition) make the results transparent and easy to communicate to everyone involved.

After a short initial orientation, you can execute the job evaluation on your own. Several additional features e.g. saving of the decision rationale, an organisation-wide cross comparison (enterprise edition) and the possibility to re-evaluate jobs provide you with full control of the process. Via export and filter options (enterprise edition) you can use the results further in your organisation, for example in compensation surveys, for an internal pay band design, or a career path modelling.

sovereignty over your own data

With gradar you evaluate only positions, not persons. So no personal data are saved in the evaluation process. With the enterprise edition you can store the grading process with an encrypted connection on the gradar servers in Germany, or export the session and save the results locally (professional edition). With our user management system you can ensure detailed control of access rights within your organisation.

platform independent

gradar is web-based and independent of operating systems. gradar enables access from all internet connected devices. The modern user interface adapts to your device, be it PC or a tablet. You don't need to perform a local installation.

Job Evaluation with gradar the job evaluation engine

Analytische Stellenbewertung mit gradar the job evaluation engine

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