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gradar is probably the only system that is available to both companies and independent HR consultants.

You can decide whether you would like to do the job grading yourself, work with an external consultant whom you already know or with one of our international expert partners.

We built gradar because we believe in the empowerment of HR, we believe in HR managers’ competencies and dedication to serve their enterprise at the best of their ability.

As QPM, the vendor of gradar, we are available for trainings and larger scale implementation projects alike. We are a young professional services firm from Düsseldorf, Germany.

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job evaluation.

Obviously, we did not reinvent the principles of point factor systems or job evaluation in general, but we have gone a long way to build a modern system with an easy-to-use, yet feature-rich interface. It is our aim to make job evaluation and job matching more accessible to all kinds of companies, both in terms of costs as well as usability. 


With gradar you can evaluate jobs within three career paths:

  • People Management
  • Individual Contribution
  • Project Management

Within the career paths there are several common (e.g. professional knowledge) and path specific evaluation factors available. First you choose the career path and assign a job family. Then you determine the requirements of the job by selecting the relevant factor levels. From your selection gradar finally calculates one of 25 grades. 

With gradar you will get:

  • A reasonably priced and international tool
  • A modern, state-of-the-art user interface
  • Localisation in nine languages
  • Full ownership of your job evaluation process
  • Comprehensible and consistent results
  • Compatibility to >10 compensation surveys
  • Automated job matchings to >5 surveys through >100 gradar job families


Ready to use within minutes. Advanced features are not available.
€ 0.-


All you need to conduct a professional job evaluation.
€2,500 / $3,000 /yr + VAT


Additional features available, e.g. built in cross comparison, custom job families, custom organizational units and access management.
€5,000 / $6,000 /yr + VAT

gradar at a glance

Job evaluation with gradar is easy. Take a first look here on the key features.

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This is the gradar dashboard in the enterprise version.
The built in, one-of-a-kind cross comparison function helps you get an overview of your results through several filtering options
Evaluating jobs with gradar is easy and simple
The different factor levels are shown in the drop down menu. There are suggestions for common combinations
Your Job Grading results list offers a good and clear overview

What are the benefits of Job Evaluation with gradar?

gradar helps you create a strong foundation for numerous instruments and processes in modern HR management.

Compensation structure

Lay the groundwork for cost-efficient remuneration management with pay bands and bonus models.

Organisational development

Optimise reporting channels and decision-making structures

Job architecture

Create an analytical basis for organization-specific career paths, job titles and job descriptions.

Equal Pay

Establish a fair and transparent remuneration policy

Process optimisation

Accelerate your succession management, recruitment and salary negotiations


Develop optimal organization specific competency models based on gradar career paths, job families and grades.

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the team

Björn Weinbrenner

Development, Quality Assurance
Best usability, high performance and stability are our design premises.

Ralf Kuklik

Co-founder, Consulting, R&D
Job Evaluation is the starting point for systematic HR-management

Philipp Schuch

Founder, CEO
HR empowerment is our mission

Our partners

Britta Alberts

Strategie M
Aurich, Germany

Silke Aumann

Aumann Analytics
San Francisco, Bay Area, USA

Dr. Renalda Hayek

ODCC Group
Beirut, Lebanon

Chima Ibeneche

Execution Edge Ltd
Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Murat Karakaş

Istanbul, Turkey

Dagmar Kuhnen

IMB GmbH & Co. KG
Grevenbroich, Germany

Bas van der Linden

Leiden, Netherlands

Jihane Moubarak

ODCC Group
Beirut, Lebanon

Jan Noordzji

Oranjestad, Aruba

Ceyda Nüştekin

N Partners Consulting
Istanbul, Turkey

Nicole Pilger

Nicole Pilger Consulting
Idstein/Taunus, Germany

Sam Reeve

Colorado, USA

Rui Soares

be yourself
Maia, Portugal

Dennis Telkamp

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Susanne Tertilt

Strategie M
Aurich, Germany

Zachary Weinberger

Remuneration Resources
Connecticut , USA

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